Puppy Mind Meditation - Beginners Practice

In this introductory meditation you’ll begin to learn about the relationship of the mind to your meditation.  Often times there is struggle with quieting our thoughts peacefully. This struggle can cause frustration which leads to individuals loosing patience with themselves and their mind. New practitioners of meditation regularly comment on their mind making lists, thinking about dinner, work, family, etc., during their attempts to practice meditation.  This mental activity can lead to discouragement and frustration with the mind during these first attempts at meditation; as though the mind is the enemy to the practice.  However, these mental activities of organization and discerning are powerful tools that can help strengthen a meditation practice. 

The “Puppy Mind Meditation” is a guided meditation that will lead you through the first steps in understanding how to train your “puppy mind” with your available tools using love and patience to engage your mind into a place of stillness.

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Flowing Heart Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to help you relax your body and enter a deep state of meditation.  As you allow the awareness of your body to dissolve you can begin to discover a state of being that is formless and feel the natural flow of energy that is your true nature.  The images offered are merely suggestions and are intended to help you discover the natural flow of energy that comes freely from the universe and the core of the earth. The body’s individual energy flow is a reflection of this universal flow and as we connect to this formless aspect of our being we can connect directly to universal consciousness.

Before you begin, take a moment to get comfortable, settle in, have a sip of tea or water and make a commitment to stillness.  In an ideal situation it would be beneficial to spend 15-20 minutes to practice some light yoga asanas or simple stretches to allow your body to work out the blocks and kinks of the day.  

At the end of the meditation take the time to allow yourself to sit in stillness and experience the nature of being.  As you go about your day, imagine the flow of energy from your heart connecting to the universe and become aware of the universal aspect of all beings.

Peace, love and light.



Song For Gaia

A song,. A prayer. A meditation.

The earth is in need of our love, support and prayers. The earth is our sanctuary