Ceremony of Sound

Ceremony of Sounds is a collaboration of multidiscipline sound and art therapists and musicians helping people to relieve stress, soothe the spirit and elevate their being through sound, meditation and movement. Performances will include didgeridoos, harmonium, Tibetan bowls, voice and assortment of world instruments. Performances can be meditative, concert style, or structured to included yoga, dance and movement.

It's long been understood that music in any form has the ability to effect the emotional, and physical and spiritual well-being of people and their spaces.  Experience deep relaxation, self-healing and elevated consciousness with Ceremony of Sound.

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In our Focused Flow Sound Yoga Class, you will experience a steady, mindful approach to asana practice incorporating specific cuing to keep you safe while building strength and stamina! Enjoy being bathed by harmonic sound waves as we progress from simple meditative movement into a powerful focused flow and conclude with a relaxed, extended Sivasana. The dynamic, organic progression of this class has a peaceful, meditative quality, which will inspire you to deeply explore your own experience in the moment. Suitable for beginners, but designed with all levels in mind. We offer clear instruction paired with thoughtful sequencing to inspire the practitioner to move intelligently and deliberately.