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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”



What’s Happening?

Joseph Carringer, Joe Plastino, Lela Marie and myself.

Joseph Carringer, Joe Plastino, Lela Marie and myself.

Ceremony of Sounds
Ceremony of Sounds

Ceremony of Sounds is a collaboration of multidiscipline sound and art therapists and musicians helping people to relieve stress, soothe the spirit and elevate their being through sound, meditation and movement. Performances will include didgeridoos, harmonium, Tibetan bowls, voice and assortment of world instruments. Performances can be meditative, concert style, or structured to included yoga, dance and movement.

It's long been understood that music in any form has the ability to effect the emotional, and physical and spiritual well-being of people and their spaces.  Experience deep relaxation, self-healing and elevated consciousness with Ceremony of Sound.

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Aspinwall Riverfront Park - Party Room overlooking the river

Aspinwall Riverfront Park - Party Room overlooking the river

Focused Flow Yoga
Tuesdays 6:45 - 8:00am at Aspinwall Riverfront Park(arrive as early as 6:30)

In this 75 minute class I will lead you through a steady, mindful approach to yoga poses while focusing on a deep awareness of the breath. I incorporate specific cuing to keep you safe and guide you to build strength and stamina, while honoring your approach and ability! This class is suitable for beginners, but designed with all levels in mind. I offer clear instructions paired with thoughtful sequencing to inspire you to move intelligently and deliberately. Each class is tailored to the students present, and every student is encouraged to modify and adjust the practice to honor your abilities. Bring your own mat, blocks and other props as you need.

Private Yoga in the comfort of your living room

Private Yoga and Meditation Classes
On going!

I also offer Private Yoga in the comfort of your home or at one of a few studio locations. Private yoga can be one-to-one or you can create your own small group. This way you get the type of class you want and need, with clear precise instructions, safe assists and a little laughter along the way. Sometimes you might need a specific class to address an injury or condition, sometimes you just might want to dive down into some details. Whatever you need, I’m here to help! Schedule a private session for yoga or meditation or both. 


Kids & Family Programs

We all need a little support now and again.  As a father, I  understand the value of practicing and developing patience.  I create coaching programs to help parents and kids develop resilience, patience and confidence.  Schedule a meet-up with me and we'll talk about how we can be of service to each other.  


Organic Cuisine

Noting better than delicious food that is also good for you.  No worries with all of these dishes pictured here.  I use healthy fats and all plant-based foods to crete these delicious recipes.  Check back here anytime for the latest recipes, classes and events!  "Eat Real, Get Real: