ABC - Yoga

Sundays @ 9:30AM • 75 MINUTES

Absolute Beginners Class - Yoga

Never, ever practiced yoga?  Or maybe you have but felt overwhelmed? Confused?  Not sure what a yoga mat is?  This class will take you through all the basics, from what to wear and what to bring to how to breathe and how to move.  In this practice we will breakdown and learn the foundations of each pose, learn the dynamics of breath and how breath is integral to the practice of yoga.  Through this mindful approach you’ll also learn how to focus your mind, meditate and stay calm even in the midst of chaos.    Yoga is powerful and when practiced safely will bring tremendous benefits to your whole body's well being!  It can also be damaging and discouraging if practiced incorrectly that’s why students are encouraged to ask questions, use props, and discover how any pose fits best in your body.  In this 75 minute class you'll learn to feel confidant about beginning your practice!

Focused Flow Yoga

Tuesdays @ 6:45AM (arrive as early as 6:30)

In this 75 minute class I will lead you through a steady, mindful approach to yoga poses while focusing on a deep awareness of the breath. I incorporate specific cuing to keep you safe and guide you to build strength and stamina, while honoring your approach and ability! This class is suitable for beginners, but designed with all levels in mind. I offer clear instructions paired with thoughtful sequencing to inspire you to move intelligently and deliberately. Each class is tailored to the students present, and every student is encouraged to modify and adjust the practice to honor your abilities. Bring your own mat, blocks and other props as you need.


Here are a couple of audio clips, so you can follow at home!

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