Private Yoga & More…

I offer Private One-to-One Yoga practice in the comfort of your own home or at a nearby studio. Classes can be focused on Meditation, Yoga Asana or other aspects of yoga as well as Healthy Eating Cooking Classes. This can be for individuals, small groups or your club or group event. Check out some details below and let me know how I can be of service in your community!

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Private Yoga Practice

I prefer teaching yoga to individuals or small groups as it allows me to really get to know and become friends with those whom I work with. That brings the practice to an entirely different level. One-to One session last about 75 minutes (a little longer the first time) and I work with you to learn and understand your goals and desired outcome of developing your practice. This is really a wonderful way to learn more detailed instructions, get to know how yoga effects you and your well being on a more personal level and allows me to tailor the practice to fit your lifestyle and goals. Plus you get the added benefit of direct feedback and ongoing conversations that will help you develop a yoga practice that is so more than aerobics and stretching.


Meditation & Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness and Meditation are two powerful tools to help bring about a more thoroughly healthy life experience. They are two separate tools that are often commingled into one generalization of a life practice. We can work together to develop practices that help you understand and experience the difference between the two.


Healthy Eating Cooking Classes and Guidance

eating well can be a cEvery wonder why, even though you seem to be eating a healthy diet, there are still some challenges and health hurdles that get in the way? I have a simple approach to healthy eating that will receive you of all the torment of fad diets and various eating philosophies. Eat Real, Get Real. The more real good you eat, the healthier you will become. The trouble or challenge is in defining exactly what real food is. You can check out my recipes, Healthy eating Blog “Eaet Real, Get Real and find out more. And if you’d like some one-to one coaching, or perhaps some cooking classes and nutritional tips for your organization, I’m happy to help!